All About Farming And Agriculture

All About Farming And Agriculture

A Potted Wildlife Garden Beautifies Your Yard While Providing Shade and Food for Wildlife

by Gregory Peterson

If you have a soft spot for wildlife and worry about the hard lives they have in an urban setting, you might want to create a habitat for them in your backyard. You can do this even if you rent since you can grow trees, flowers, and plants in containers. Here are some tips for growing potted wildlife trees and flowers in your yard.

Understand The Plants Or Trees You Buy

Some plants and trees thrive in containers and others don't. Rather than planting a random tree you like, start by researching the types of trees that grow well in your climate and that thrive in containers. You'll also want to choose plants and trees that match the environment in your yard since some plants need full sunlight while others don't.

Also, don't forget to consider how your container garden will look. You might want trees of a certain height that can provide bountiful shade for squirrels and birds, or you might want flowers of complementary colors that look attractive when placed next to each other.

Know What You Want The Plants To Do

The trees, flowers, and plants that you grow in containers can be used by wildlife for shade, liquids to drink, and food to eat. You might want some dwarf fruit trees for birds to enjoy, but you also have to think about attracting rats. Your neighbors may not be too happy about your container garden drawing problem animals to your yard.

You may prefer flowers and trees that feed butterflies, bees, and birds, rather than building a container garden that attracts animals that can be a nuisance, such as rats, possums, and raccoons.

Plan To Water Your Potted Wildlife Garden Often

Plants grown in containers tend to need water more often since the soil dries out quicker than soil that's in the ground. Watch your plants carefully when you first start your garden so you can learn how often the potted plants need water. The right amount of water helps your potted plants and trees thrive and become lush and attractive to various types of wildlife.

Have Patience While You Learn

You may lose a few plants while you're learning how to garden in containers, but you'll learn as you go. You can even grow a vegetable garden in containers, but you may have to fence it off to keep wildlife from eating your food.

When you grow trees, flowers, and plants in containers, you'll not only feed wildlife and make their lives easier in a dangerous urban environment, but you'll also enhance your yard with an assortment of beautiful flowers and colorful plants.

Reach out to a potted wildlife tree service for more info.


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All About Farming And Agriculture

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