All About Farming And Agriculture

All About Farming And Agriculture

A Few Benefits Of Using Organic Fertilizers For Gardening

by Gregory Peterson

Operating a farm that is certified organic takes a lot of work to get started. The requirements for the certification are very specific and stringent. However, just because you do not care to give up your GMO seeds and synthetic pesticides does not mean you should overlook organic fertilizers too. In fact, if you take the time to research and think you may find that using an organic fertilizer has benefits that are good for  your farmland.

Save Money

Because compost can be made at home from kitchen scraps, yard clippings, and water, you can save yourself from having to buy commercially prepared fertilizer. If you happen to have any livestock, even just a few chickens, you can use the manure too, although you may have to let it sit in a pile for a year or so to keep it from burning the plants. It is also possible to get manure from local livestock farmers for free or very cheaply. If, however, you must buy the fertilizer from a garden center, you will require less organic fertilizer than synthetic fertilizer. This is because the organic stuff is partially decayed and teeming with the microorganisms that will help your plants to grow; think of it as highly concentrated.

Improve the Soil

Organic fertilizer adds organic matter back to the soil. The nutrients that are depleted as your plants grow are replaced with it. This can be a big help if you do not rotate your crops regularly. The soil will also be better able to absorb and hold the nutrients it needs due to the added matter. As it decays further it simply becomes soil itself. This will make the soil more fertile and able to help your plants grow.

Healthier Foods

Anything that you put in the soil is going to end up in the plants and eventually in the food the plants produce. If you use synthetic chemical fertilizers, these chemicals will end up in your fruits and vegetables. In addition, the inorganic fertilizers do not contain the trace minerals found in organic fertilizers. These trace minerals are needed by the human body, in trace amounts. If the soil is depleted of these, you will have to take vitamin and mineral supplements to stay healthy.

If you are not going to grow your gardens using only organic methods, at least go with organic fertilizers. They won't hurt your plants, the environment, or your family, and can save you some money. For more information, contact a business such as Nature Safe.   


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